Grants and Scholarships: They're Not Just for Freshmen!

Don't make the mistake of limiting your search for college funding to freshman year only. Grants and scholarships are available to students of all ages at all stages of their education.

If you fear you may not graduate because of limited finances, here are some ways to find more money for school.

How to Find Grants

The federal government, state agencies, and colleges generally award grants based on financial need. You may not need to pay back this type of financial aid award. (Note: If you leave school before a term is up, you may need to repay some of your aid back to the school. Check your school's refund policy.)

Federal Grants State Grants Campus-Based Grants

Learn more about federal grant opportunities at Student Aid on the Web.

Contact your state agency to find out about the grants available in your state.

Contact your school for additional information on receiving a grant.

How to Find Scholarships

Scholarships are available for a variety of reasons, some of which include high achievement in academics, athletics, music, and art. You usually don't need to pay back this type of financial aid award. offers a FREE online search of more than 1.5 million scholarships worth more than $3.4 billion.

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An Important Tip
Be wary of potential scholarship scams. It should cost you nothing to apply for a scholarship. has great information on this topic.