Default Aversion Roster

What is it?

A default aversion roster, formerly called a preclaim assistance (PCA) roster, is a cumulative list of Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) Stafford borrowers who are in a delinquent (preclaim) status according to the records of the guarantor. Borrowers can show up on the default aversion roster anywhere between 0 and 60 days delinquent, depending on the guarantor.

Stafford borrowers remain on this report until the delinquency is resolved or the account defaults.

How does it work?

The default aversion roster aims to help schools resolve student loan delinquency by tracking default aversion account status. A loan servicer will normally request your assistance in resolving a delinquency if an account is 60–90 days past due.

Default aversion rosters are usually divided into three sections that should be updated on a regular basis:

  1. Borrowers in default aversion status
  2. Borrowers in default aversion status who have brought their account current
  3. Borrowers in default

This roster is a convenient way to create a historical record of default aversion data.

Where can I obtain this resource?

Availability is dependent on the loan servicers with which your students have loans:

  • If you do business with PHEAA: PHEAA offers a customized default aversion roster that is updated weekly. Call 1-800-443-0646 (Option 7, Option 2) or email for more information.
  • If you do business with other servicers: Visit the servicer's website or contact them by phone to see if they offer this benefit.