Creating a Default Prevention Plan

Creating a default prevention plan can be a tremendous undertaking. But having an effective default prevention plan in place is necessary to lower student loan delinquencies and defaults.

To accomplish your institution's default prevention goals:

Step 1. Establish your default prevention goal.

Step 2. Identify your "typical" defaulter.

Step 3. Assess the resources you have available.

Step 4. Determine the audience you want to target with your borrower counseling approach.

Many schools have found success in managing default prevention by addressing student accounts by:

Help Is Available

Download our free Delinquent Borrower Counseling Guide (PDF).

This detailed resource walks you through the necessary steps to define and implement an effective default prevention plan. There are sample call scripts and scenarios, as well as situational decision trees, which allow you to explore the best options available for dealing with your delinquent student loan borrowers.