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Sandra's situation

Johnny is ready to graduate from a 2-year associate's degree program. Sandra worries that Johnny doesn't have the financial know-how to pay his bills on time and support himself…

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While Johnny has been in school, Sandra has been overseeing all of her son's finances, including his federal student loans, which total more than $8,000.

Sandra is thrilled that Johnny already has a job lined up after graduation. It will be a big relief to her when Johnny takes on his own finances.

Sandra has always struggled with money, since she's been raising two kids on her own. She wants Johnny to have a more comfortable life, although Johnny has never shown any restraint when it comes to spending.

Sandra knows she needs to prepare Johnny for the real world, starting with his student loans. The first payment is due in 6 months, and she's not sure Johnny is ready.

Sandra CAN deal with it

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