Loan Payoff

Ready to make that final payment and put your student loan behind you? Here's what you need to do. It's simple:

Step 1. Obtain an official payoff amount.

Call your lender or loan servicer to find out the remaining balance on your student loan. Realize that interest accrues on your loan every day, so don't obtain your payoff amount until you are ready to pay.

Step 2. Submit your final payment promptly.

Submit your final payment online, by phone, or by mail—use the payment method that is most convenient for you.

If you do not submit your payment promptly, you may need to contact your lender or servicer again for a new payoff amount. More interest may have accrued since your last payoff inquiry.

Step 3. Celebrate!

Say goodbye to your student loan. You are done, and you should be proud.

Contact your loan servicer for more information about loan payoff:

  • For AES loans: Go to
  • For all other loans: Go to your lender's or loan servicer's website or contact them by phone.