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Undergraduate and graduate students received over $246 billion of some type of student aid to pay for college.

Source: The College Board, 2019
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You CAN become well-versed in student aid.

The world of student aid is complicated. If you are feeling frustrated, know that you are not alone. Help is available. provides practical advice about paying for college and managing your debt. Take a look:

  • Student Aid 101

    Student aid is available to help you cover school-related expenses. Take a few minutes and get to know the basics.

  • Making Payments

    It's time to pay back the money you borrowed. Find out where to begin.

  • Trouble Paying

    Can't afford your student loan payments? Get simple solutions.

  • Managing Money

    Managing your money for long-term success is fairly simple but requires some dedication.

  • Calculators & Resources

    Use these interactive resources to determine the best way for you to pay back your loan and how to control your spending.

  • Student Aid Timeline

    Follow this simple timeline to view key steps in the student aid process before, during, and after college.

  • Graduate and Professional Students

    Aren't sure you have the money for more education? Many payment options are available.

  • Nontraditional Students

    Nontraditional students comprise 58% on students taking courses these days. You are not alone.

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Test Your Knowledge

How much should you expect to pay on textbooks and supplies for college?

  1. $900
  2. $1,150
  3. $1,240

3. $1,240

In 2019–2020, the average cost of books and supplies at a 4-year public school was $1,240. Ask each college you are interested in attending for an estimate, and make sure you keep this cost in mind when you review your financial aid offers.

Source: The College Board, 2019