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Meet Pam

Pam's situation

Pam recently received a credit card promotion that advertised a free mp3 player if she signs up for the card by the end of the month. Pam doesn't have a credit card or an mp3 player…

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Pam is seriously tempted to get a credit card. She tells her mom she wants it just for emergencies, but she knows she'll probably use it for other things too, like spring break.

Her mom says she can't handle the responsibility. But she'll be able to pay for it. She's graduating soon, and she plans to make a lot of money. Pam's going to be a Web editor. And those internet jobs have super high salaries, like $60,000.

All of Pam's friends have credit cards. They're able to spend more than she can, since she's limited to cash. She wants to have the financial freedom to join them on their adventures.

And how cool would it be to get a free mp3 player? Free—she can't believe it. She's going to download all sorts of music. She can't wait!

Pam CAN deal with it

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