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Joe has been making monthly student loan payments (on time) for more than 5 years. But Joe just lost his job…

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Joe is in a panic. He's out of work, but he still has a lot of bills to pay. Fortunately, as part of his monthly budget, Joe saved 5% of his salary for emergencies, and he's eligible for unemployment assistance. It's a small relief that he can keep paying his $1,000 mortgage while he looks for work.

But Joe is facing a slew of other bills—utilities, groceries, car payments, health insurance. He's managing for now, but the $315 he pays each month on his student loans is killing him.

The recession—he didn't see it coming. He never thought he'd lose his job.

Joe doesn't need a fancy lifestyle, but he does want to get married and have kids someday. Joe worries he'll have to put his entire life on hold now that he's out of work.

He's so overwhelmed he doesn't know where to begin. If he could just do something to lessen or postpone his student loan payment, it would be one less thing he'd have to worry about until he gets back on his feet.

Joe CAN deal with it

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