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Dave's situation

Dave can't pay his bills. He can barely afford his living expenses, let alone pay his student loans. He needs a break…

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Dave became a social worker because he really wants to help people. It makes him feel good to make life a little easier for others. But at this point, Dave needs someone to make life a little easier for him.

Dave is really hurting financially. Once he shells out for his rent, utilities, and metro costs, he doesn't have a penny extra to spend on his $650 student loan bill—that's the amount of his entire paycheck! He hasn't paid his loan for more than 7 months now, and he's been ignoring calls from his loan servicer.

He's not irresponsible, he simply doesn't have the money to pay. And every time he sees that his principal is growing, not shrinking, he wants to weep.

Dave loves his job. But the educational requirements for social work don't match the pay. How on earth will he ever get out of this mess?

Dave has reached his breaking point.

Dave CAN deal with it

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