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Amber took spring semester off to earn some money. She is caught off guard when her loans go into repayment…

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Away at school, Amber's stress level was at an all-time high. She was so strapped for cash she couldn't concentrate on her studies. So she decided to take spring semester off and work at a sales position in her hometown. She really needed the money, and she was eligible for a commission after the first 6 weeks.

After a couple of months, Amber feels much less stress about her finances. Although she misses school, she is paying her bills on time and even makes regular deposits into her savings account. Then she gets the letter… Amber is shocked to learn she needs to start repaying her loans in July! What?!?

Amber is planning to return to school in the fall. She doesn't understand why her loans are due when she hasn't even gotten her degree yet. Amber goes into panic mode and sees her savings disappear in a flash.

How is she going to go back to school if she has nothing left in the bank? Surely the letter is wrong.

Amber just wants to cry…

Amber CAN deal with it

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